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Open Upper Blepharoplasty (OUB)

Eyelid Surgery

If the upper eyelids have excess skin and /or puffiness due to prominent fat pads, then these issues can be addressed by an open upper blepharoplasty (OUB). In this procedure, an incision is made along the line of the existing crease or along a new, planned crease if the there is no crease or the old crease is judged to be too low. Excess skin and fat are carefully removed, and the double eyelid crease is meticulously created or recreated with multiple internal sutures. Accurate closure of the incision ensures a fine, inconspicuous scar.

The procedure time is about 2 hours. The downtime is also about 10 days.

Although this procedure requires an incision and produces a scar, the scar tends to fade very well as a fine line. The results are just as natural as those from the SUB, the failure rate is also very low.

The Cosmetic Surgery Clinic’s International recognition

The quality of Dr Huang’s work in cosmetic eyelid surgery and ptosis repair have received international recognition, and he is a sought after speaker on these subjects. He has been regularly invited to present his work at international plastic surgery meetings in Japan, Korea, and China, as well as in South East Asia.

You can therefore be assured that you will be in the hands of an internationally recognized expert as his patient.

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