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Neurotoxin Injections for Facial Contouring

The judicious application of advanced neurotoxin techniques can be used to alter facial shape non-surgically. This applies mainly to the lower face. If the lower jaw muscles (known as the masseter muscles) are big, they will cause the back part of the lower face to look too wide and square, much in the same way that a thick lower jaw bone cause the same problem. In this case, neurotoxin is a powerful tool that can significantly reduce the bulk of this muscle by relaxing it, and hence dramatically narrow the lower face. The treatments are fast, safe and effective, and are done every three to six months. After several treatments, some degree of permanent shrinkage of the jaw muscle is achieved, and the treatment intervals become progressively longer.

If the front part of the lower face (the jowl) is bulky or loose, it can be reduced and tightened with the Mesoneurotoxin facelift, as described above. Thus, neurotoxin of the jaw muscles and the Mesoneurotoxin facelift work synergistically with each other, one reducing the width of the back part of the lower face, while the other produces the same effect in the front part of the lower face. The combined effect of these two treatments is to produce a slimming effect on the lower face, hence they are known together as neurotoxin facial slimming treatments.

International recognition

Dr Huang was one of the pioneering doctors in Singapore to use neurotoxin for facial rejuvenation. He has been actively involved in developing new techniques and applications for neurotoxin, and has been involved in regional neurotoxin expert meetings and served as faculty in advanced neurotoxin workshops.

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