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Body by Liposonix and Thermage: A Non-invasive Mommy Makeover for the Tummy

For even better results in non-surgical body contouring, patients can consider undergoing a combined treatment of Liposonix and Thermage. The Liposonix treatment reduces fat and produces some skin tightening, while the Thermage treatment creates additional skin tightening to improve results further. The addition of the Thermage treatment is especially useful in situations where the pre-existing skin laxity is significant, such as the post-pregnancy tummy. We offer the latest generation of body treatments by Thermage using the extra large treatment tip specially designed for the body that works faster, is less painful and more effective. The Thermage effect usually kicks is about one month after treatment, and maximum tightening is seen at 3 to 6 months post-treatment. The results can last for one to two years.

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