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Neurotoxin Injections for Facial and Neck Rejuvenation

neurotoxin injections have been used for more than a decade to achieve non-surgical rejuvenation and enhancement of the face safely and effectively. Its main appplication has been to soften wrinkles caused by facial expression due to over-contracted muscles. Known as dynamic wrinkles, these expression lines tend to become more prominent with aging. Commonly treated expression lines are in the upper part of the face: frown lines, smile lines, nasal (“bunny”) lines, and forehead lines. By relaxing the relevant muscles, neurotoxin makes these expression lines less visible. As a result, the eyes and face look more relaxed and youthful.

neurotoxin can also be used to create a browlift. The eyebrow position is normally determined by the net effect of two opposing muscles: the forehead muscle that pulls it up, and the eyelid muscle that pulls it down. When neurotoxin is injected into the eyelid muscle along the eyebrow, this muscle relaxes and stops exerting a downward pull on the eyebrow. As a consequence, the unopposed forehead muscle naturally elevates the brow more than before, and sagging skin over the upper eyelid is lifted. The result is brighter and more alert looking eyes.

neurotoxin can also be used to rejuvenate the lower face. A contracted, flattened and dimpled chin (known the popply chin) is often associated with an aging face. After relaxation of the chin muscle by neurotoxin, the chin becomes smoother, longer and sharper. Downward drooping corners of the mouth (which create Marionette lines) can be lifted by using neurotoxin to relax the muscles that pull the corner of the mouth downwards. Sagging of the lower part of the face can be addressed by Mesoneurotoxin, an advanced technique of using neurotoxin. In this treatment, tiny amounts of very dilute neurotoxin are injected into the skin along the jawline and in front of the ear. This produces a skin tightening effect in the lower face and jawline area, which lasts three to six months.

In the neck, neurotoxin is effective for reducing vertical bands of muscle that appear with aging.

International recognition

Dr Huang was one of the pioneering doctors in Singapore to use neurotoxin for facial rejuvenation. He has been actively involved in developing new techniques and applications for neurotoxin, and has been involved in regional neurotoxin expert meetings and served as faculty in advanced neurotoxin workshops.

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