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Mommy Makeover Surgery for the Breast and Body

The two most damaging effects of pregnancy on the body are to the breast and tummy. The breasts tend to lose volume and shape, making the breasts look empty and flat, while the tummy develops an unwanted bulge and unsightly skin laxity. The loss of breast volume is due to shrinkage of the breast after pregnancy and breast feeding. The bulge in the tummy is due to excess fat, loosening/separation of the abdominal muscles, or both. zThe tummy bulge is often associated with an umbilical hernia (hernia of the belly button). The skin laxity is due to stretching and loss of elasticity of the abdominal skin following pregnancy.

The surgical Mommy Makeover comprises breast augmentation to restore breast volume and shape, and either RFAL or abdominoplasty to address the tummy issues. RFAL is the procedure of choice when excess fat with mild to moderate skin laxity is the main problem. On the other hand, if muscle laxity/separation and severe skin laxity are present, then abdominoplasty if the best option. Dr Huang will help you to determine which options are best for your particular condition.

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