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Zygomatic Reduction and Mandibular Reduction

Facial contouring surgery comprises two main procedures: zygomatic reduction and mandibular reduction. Zygomatic reduction involves reducing prominent cheek bones that make the midface (the middle part of the face) look too wide. Mandibular reduction involves removing excess bone from the lower jaw to reduce lower facial width.

Dr Huang uses advanced Korean surgical techniques and equipment for these two two procedures that are minimally invasive and require only small incisions inside the mouth, with no external scars. Through these small incisions, the cheek bones and lower jaw bones are reduced as required using special instruments. Zygomatic reduction takes one to two hours to complete, while mandibular is slightly more time consuming at two to three hours. They are both day surgery procedures under intravenous anesthesia that do not require overnight stay. The downtime is usually one to two weeks due to facial swelling. However, there is very little pain after these procedures.

There are two other procedures that can significantly change the shape of the face, and they can therefore also be considered facial contouring procedures: genioplasty and liposuction of the cheeks. Please see the relevant sections on these two procedures.

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