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Modified S Lift for the Lower Face

Facelift Treatment

Dr Huang performs a Modified S Lift to rejuvenate the lower face. A curved incision is made in the temple, just like in a midface lift. This incision is continued downwards along the front of the ear, very close to the edges of the ear cartilage, then around the earlobe for a short distance. This ensures that the surgical scar is well hidden from direct view. The skin is lifted from the underlying facial muscles in the region of the lower face. The muscles are tightened with special sutures sewn in a purse string pattern, to lift the jowl and jawline areas. Excess skin is trimmed off before the wounds are carefully closed with fine sutures. This procedure takes about 3 hours and can be done under local anesthesia or intravenous sedation. Downtime is about 2 weeks.

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