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Cleft Palate Repair

If the child has a cleft palate, this is repaired at 9 to 12 months of age. Dr Huang has done award winning research on cleft palate and is an expert in the anatomy of cleft palate, having published several scientific papers in international plastic surgery journals and written a book chapter on this subject.

There are two main goals in cleft palate repair: to repair the physical cleft so that food and liquids will not spill from the mouth into the nose, and to realign the muscles of the soft palate so that they will function better for speech.

As with the 3 in 1 repair, Dr Huang uses advanced surgical techniques to repair the cleft palate and realign the muscles of the soft palate that are vital for speech. This maximizes the chance of the child having normal speech.

Speech Surgery following Cleft Palate Repair

If the child has speech problems despite an adequate cleft palate repair, further surgical procedures may be necessary later in childhood to improve speech function. These involve using tissues from behind the tonsils to make it easier for the soft palate muscles to do their job during speech.

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