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Cleft Lip Repair, Gingivoperiosteoplasty (GPP) And Primary Rhinoplasty

This procedure is done in conjunction with Naso Alveolar Molding (NAM), which is carried out by Dr Catherine Lee, the orthodontist on our Cleft Team ( NAM involves having the cleft baby wear a device from as early as possible after birth that narrows the cleft of the lip and the alveolus (gum bone). It also reduces the nasal deformity associated with the cleft lip. By reducing the severity of all three aspects of the cleft, it then becomes possible to surgically repair the (1) cleft lip (cleft lip repair), (2) the cleft alveolus (gingivoperiosteoplasty, or GPP), and (3) the cleft lip nasal deformity (primary rhinoplasty) in a single, 3 in 1 operation, using advanced surgical techniques. It is highly advantageous to be able to do this, because it means that alveolar bone grafting (see below) and a secondary cleft rhinoplasty (see below) may not be required later, thus potentially saving the patient from two operations later in life. The repair is usually carried out at about 3 months of age.

Cleft Lip Repair

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