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Breast Lift


This procedure is indicated for women who have sagging breasts, as opposed to empty breasts (which would benefit from breast augmentation). Sagging breasts are characterized by nipples and areolae that are located too low down on the breasts. In addition, the nipples often point downwards. The main objective of a breast lift is to relocate the nipple areolar complex to a higher position. If the areolae are too large, they are reduced to a more normal size. At the same time, loose and excess skin in the lower part of the breast is removed. This results in a more youthful and perky breast appearance and shape. The scars associated with the procedure are one that encircles the areola, a vertical scar that runs from the areola down the middle of the breast, and a short horizontal scar along the middle of the breast crease (the inframammary crease). These scars are necessary in order to achieve the effects of the breast lift. However, they tend to fade well and become inconspicuous with time. Most patients who undergo a breast lift end up feeling that the scars were worth the benefit of regaining a youthful looking breast. A breast lift takes longer than a breast augmentation (about 3 hours), but is still a day surgery procedure.

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