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The Cosmetic Surgery Clinic at Paragon is the setting for Dr Martin Huang’s longstanding and well established plastic surgery practice. Located in Singapore’s prime shopping and entertainment district of Orchard Road, it also conveniently shares the same building address as the Pacific Surgical and Endoscopy Center (PSEC) where Dr Huang performs most of his cosmetic surgery procedures. In addition, it is just across the road from the Mount Elizabeth Hospital (MEH) where Dr Huang’s patients are admitted for inpatient care when needed.

Dr Huang’s practice offers two broad categories of services

  • Plastic surgery, with an emphasis on advanced cosmetic surgery techniques
  • Non-surgical aesthetic treatments focusing on:
    1. Skin and facial rejuvenation and enhancement procedures using advanced and innovative skin care products and skin treatment technology
    2. neurotoxin2 injection
    3. Filler injections
    4. Non-invasive fat reduction and body contouring using cutting-edge technologies

The physical setting of The Cosmetic Surgery Clinic is tasteful, luxurious, modern, and sleek, with an emphasis on comfort, privacy and efficiency. Dr Huang is ably supported by a team of skilled, experienced and friendly nursing and allied health professionals who assist him in all aspects of patient care. Office based patient services are carried out in the clinic itself, including all non-invasive aesthetic treatments. Day surgery cosmetic procedures are performed at PSEC in the same building, while inpatient surgery is completed at MEH.


Cosmetic Surgery Clinic